Tuesday, June 15, 2010

«The Religion of Nothing»

God doesn't like smart alecks

It's not true that I believe in "nothing". I believe in the world I am presented with. I don't think I'm just a brain in a jar hooked up so some alternate reality Matrix. I believe this is the real world.

I suppose I believe this is reality for the same reason I'm an atheist. If I were a brain in a jar, there would have to have been someone that designed an elaborate alternate reality, found or created my brain, and hooked it up. There's still the issue of where the designer came from. It doesn't truly answer any questions; it only compounds one problem with another, far more complex one.


  1. Dragon Master, you are incredibly awesome. I remember this comic from when I first began on the Internet. It progressed to XKCD, which progressed to Penny Arcade, which eventually progressed to the world of-
    RULES 1 & 2 OH LAWD

  2. ROFL This is great! Guess who has a new wallpaper for the next several days? I really do hate how 95% of Christians think that they know everything and their logic is best. Theyre so close-minded and over zealous that they never see the big picture. All they see is their contradicting/hypocritical rule book and the goal of converting everyone that doesnt see the same as them. Which would be, to the second part, forcing their religion down peoples throats, which they claim that they dont participate in or dont view as a good thing for a Christian to do. Now I do have Christian friends, but they fall in the other 5% that isnt what I've just ranted about here. I could go on and on ranting about how much I hate people like this but I think I'll stop lol
    Anyways, nice comic :D

    -Six Legions

  3. I certainly won't say this about you, but there are plenty of atheists out there who act like they are god! Then there are Christians who say they believe in God but act like atheists. It is all so complicated!

  4. @ Six Legions: Perhaps I've been lucky, but in my experience the majority of Christians I've met have not been too "over zealous". The topic of religion doesn't come up very often. Or maybe I just don't get out much.

    @ Looney: There's plenty of people out there that act like they are God. Don't try to single out any one group.

  5. I agree with Looney; I'm an atheist but I act like a Satanist.

  6. @ Vid: Anton LeVay's Satanism? That's actually not too bad. lol

  7. Vid, a Satanist is a Satan worshiper, which presumes that there is a separate being called Satan who has powers far beyond her own. There is another kind that begins with the view that Satan doesn't exist, therefore she (the atheist) is the supreme being of the universe and everyone else should worship her! Politicians and university types frequently have this syndrome, but sometimes it afflicts even preachers.

  8. I actually am a follower of The Nothing.
    I believe in everything, and recognize how much everything is pretty much the same no matter from which reality/sense/Out-sense/WTF way you try to observe it- it's just a massive chaos- forever Changing, reforming and puking itself in X shapes and forms and ways.
    The Nothing is a paradox to Everything, therefor, it does not exist, cannot exist and pretty much could not be "reached".
    The Nothing is Pure order, the "order" you see in existence is but patterns, which do the same thing has existence, yet keeps it's shape until unable to.
    The order of nothing is pure for the simple fact that there is not a thing to break it.
    The Nothing is also a pure form of Good, for there cannot happen anything evil there... It's but stillness.
    My mission has a follower of nothing is to merge existence and Nothing... It's impossible, but if it occurs, it would form a state of existence which has a form of true order within it, by so... true good.
    My overall reason- I hate destruction and creation, There cannot be any morality within them, no true peace.


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