Friday, June 11, 2010

«The Tourist Lane»

If there was ever a town that needed this (for real), it's Ketchikan! Those damn tourists will literally stand in the middle of the road or stop mid-step right in front of you to take a picture.

The Tourist Lane


  1. hey i do that and i'm no tourist.... i do turn to see who or what is behind me before i stop, but i stop regardless. and i will walk into an intersection to take a pic wherever i am... who is going to hit me?? i mean really.

  2. ...i've been known to turn my hazards on and stop in my lane, sit on the door and do my business... ok that sounds bad, take the pictures i want. if i see it and want it/need it/must have it, this girl's gonna do what she gotta.

  3. The signs will need to be in a dozen languages.

  4. @ Monique: The tourists are really bad here.

    @Looney: This is true, we'd need at least Hindi and Filipino. Oh, and add English on the tourist side.


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