Wednesday, December 3, 2008

«Appointment Results»

$182.00 later, and Looney was right. Now that's something I don't say very often. It seems like Looney and I respectfully disagree on about everything. However, he was right about the doctor not finding anything during my appointment.

Basically it was a general checkup. Get my blood pressure and heart rate. Answer some questions about family health history. Listen to my breathing and heartbeat. Feel my lower abdomen. Pull down my pants, turn my head and cough. That sort of thing. It all checked out, I seem to be in good health. He said it could be anxiety.

I just have to give it more time. I'm to call the doctor in a few weeks and tell him how I'm doing. If I'm not better then I'll go back in and they will do some actual tests.

You may be wondering why I didn't get any tests this time. I think it is partly because they don't know what to test for, and I'm not covered by insurance. When you start doing all sorts of tests, it starts costing more money and there's no guarantee that they will find anything.

So I guess we'll see what happens.


  1. Well. Good? I mean that's alot to pay for nothing, but glad to hear all seems to be ok. You know.

    I have to admit, hearing you agree w/ Looney was a Christmas-time shocker.

  2. I guess this is one time when I wish the result would have been different from my expectation, but this has happened to me too many times. Most of the time the only thing the doctor knows when the appointment is done is how much I owe him, so I pretty much quit going to see them unless it was to avoid receiving a more severe injury from my relatives for not making the trip!

    Anyway, I hope you get better.

  3. Hi Marf, glad they didnt find anything seriosu but oof! on the cost. I am just back from an emergency hospital appointment re my eye and had a very different experience whch I will get into a post tonight or tommorrow.

  4. Sorry my spelling is worse than usual - can only see ouut of one eye at the moment!

  5. @ Looney: Well, not everything is easy to diagnose. There's still plenty about our own bodies that we don't understand.

    @ Bunc: Wow, I'll have to read that and see what happened...


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