Tuesday, December 30, 2008

«Snowy Town (Photo Heavy)»

I've really been posting the pictures lately... These were taken yesterday. I was crazy enough to go up Rainbird Trail (cutting a new path in the snow as I went) just to get a bird's-eye view of the town covered in snow. Mine were the only tracks on the trail. Click an image to view full.

View of the West end of Ketchikan, covered in snow. Here's a link to a picture I took from the same location at the same angle back on April 21st, 2008.
West end of Ketchikan, Alaska covered in snow. December 29, 2008
The main road through town, with the snow bermed up in the center between the lanes. This is basically zoomed in on the center of the picture above. If you view the full-size, you can see the fuel prices are still quite high at $2.499 for regular unleaded and 3.999 for diesel. So although the prices came down a little the day of the protest, they didn't come as far as they should have.
Snow bermed up in the center of the road between lanes in Ketchikan, Alaska. December 29, 2008
This is the 3rd Ave bypass.
3rd Ave bypass in Ketchikan, Alaska covered in snow. December 29, 2008
Back down off the trail, this is looking down Washington Street. It's one of the many hills that gets closed when it snows.
Washington Street closed in Ketchikan, Alaska. December 29, 2008
And here's looking down 2nd Ave. Looks like it's been reduced down to a single lane.
Second Ave in Ketchikan, Alaska covered in snow. December 29, 2008


  1. hey, like the first pic. place looks pretty kool

  2. Makes me miss home. Great snow pictures.

    I lived in K-Town from 65 to 97. I found your blog using the Google Alerts I have set up for Ketchikan.

    Thanks for nice perspective on Ketchikan.

    (Julie Sherva-Smith)

  3. @ Amilu: Well, then you might want to check out my Photos tag. I've put up quite a few pictures I've taken from around town in the past year.

  4. Been reading your blog off and on today. I am enjoying it, thanks for the pictures.

    I got a few from my parents (they live on South Pt. Higgans) of the snow, but the one from up the hill is awesome.

  5. Once again, awesome pics Marf. I like that you took this from the same angle as earlier this year....

  6. Hi! This is Amilus' Mother on South Point Higgins(well, Strawberry Road). We really enjoyed your pictures. We will continue to check in to see more of our town. Thanks, Stephanie

  7. @ Anonymous (Stephanie): Thanks for checking out my blog, and I'll continue to take pictures around town when I see something interesting.

    My dad's place is within walking distance of South Point Higgins road. He's right around the 12 mile mark; between Pond Reef and South Point Higgins.


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