Friday, December 19, 2008

«Sorry Believers, It's a Two-Way Street»

You brought it upon yourselves.

Blind idiot! Rat fink! Pervert! Connie! Blasphemer! Immoral creep and scum of the earth! *Bash* *Bash* *Bash* *Bash* / Hey! Let's have a little RESPECT here!


  1. I love it Marf cos it's so true. Wishing you a "Happy Winterval" ... Ok I'll say it ... Happy Christmas to you when it comes.

  2. @ Bunc: Indeed, and thanks. I'll wish you a Happy Christmas as well. I don't believe the religious reasons behind it, but it's about the same as wishing you a Happy New Year or Happy Thursday, even.

  3. It would be interesting to see what form this cartoon would take in Tehran. Wishing y'all the best ...

  4. @ Looney: It always looks like the "other" person is the aggressor.

    Anyway, Marry Christmas to you.

  5. If its true then its true, calling a rapist a rapist is not disrespectful.


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