Saturday, December 20, 2008

«Caturday: Round Monorail Scum»

The cat is right, everyone is in some sort of shape.

I r in shape... / Round is shape.
Monorail cat
You will feed me my next course, pitiful human scum


  1. Agh so now we know what was in that 40 lb box of rape in one of your earlier posts!

  2. That has got to be fake, right? I mean seriously, did you see the measuring tape? 20'something... OMG

  3. @ Bunc: Didn't you already shed light on what the contents of that box was?

    @ Monique: I don't think it's fake. There's a lot of obese house pets.

  4. Marf - I was clearly mistaken in my previous assumptions.
    Monique - my cat at one stage was getting on for obese till I put him on a diet. I used the GOFYOF diet (Get Out And Find Your Own Food). It worked wonders.

  5. Marf- Poor cat looks stuck there.

    Bunc- I'm sure that did work wonders. Odd thing though, we've always just had food available instead of feeding at certain times, and our animals are healthy. How does this happen?


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