Wednesday, December 31, 2008

«The Primary Sequence»

Here's a random bit of a grammar lesson. You know how you've got your primary, then secondary, then tertiary... What is the word for 4th in line? I don't know about you, but I've thought about this at times. Well, here they are up to 10:

  1. primary
  2. secondary
  3. tertiary
  4. quaternary
  5. quinary
  6. senary
  7. septenary
  8. octonary
  9. nonary
  10. denary
The sequence breaks up after 10, however. There is no word for 11th in line, duodenary is 12th, then there's nothing until vigenary at 20th in line.

And that will be my last blog post for the year. See you next year! (Tomorrow)


  1. Cool. Now I have some more trivia to torment people with.

  2. @ Looney: Indeed. I doubt I'll remember it, but now I know right where to find it.


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