Monday, December 15, 2008

«Motivational Monday: Bomb Squad Prank»

That's just mean...

Bomb Squad Prank / You know when he's done shitting himself, he's going to beat the shit out of you.


  1. He he. He'll need a coronary bypass after that practical joke.

    Some years ago my girlfriend decided it would be funny to lie in wait for me at the top of the stairs while I switched all the lights of in the house before retiring upstairs for the night.

    As I reached the top of the stairs she jumped out in front of me in the dark letting out a mighty "aaarghhh!".

    It was a good job that I was wearing my reinforced underpants and holding on to the banister rail at the time.

  2. It looks like a plausible prank, but the shock wave protection provided by the suits would probably preclude either of them from even hearing the bag pop.

  3. they make it look soo easy wearing that suit! lol, 2mins in that and its boiling!!!

  4. lol you guys are stupid, this is sooo poorly photoshopped it's not even funny

  5. it would be funny if a bombs-dressed guy would jump out of sand


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