Sunday, December 27, 2009

«The Flawed Cheek»

Here's an example of why we are not made in God's image. Let's set aside for the moment that God doesn't even exist...

The human body is flawed in many ways. If we were made in the image of a God (perfect being), we wouldn't be flawed. Case in point: I bit the inside of my cheek while eating dinner on Christmas. You know what happens when you bite your cheek; it swells up so you end up biting it even more. That my friends, is not the outcome of perfect design.

Thus, we were not made in the image of, or even designed by God. God would have not overlooked such a design flaw; Q.E.D.

...Ok, so that's not the most logical way to prove my point. I'm just bitching about how my cheek hurts!


  1. Today, I was in my advanced biology class and we were viewing slides we had made of our cheek cells. My biology teacher told us a story about the first year he had been teaching. A girl had made a slide of her cheek cells and had abruptly exclaimed "Mr. Barner! One of my cheek cells is moving!" He had gone over to investigate and discovered that the moving cheek cell had been a sperm. He had to leave the room. MLIA

    The stories you can find on are so hilariously stupid lmao

  2. @ S1x Legi0ns: That story I'd question the validity of. One of the reasons cheek cells are observed is because they are easy to obtain, and are rather large. Sperm, on the other hand, are fairly small and require a higher magnification to see. I doubt it would have even been noticed... Or still alive for that matter.

    Cheek cells are 60 microns in diameter, whereas sperm are about 5 microns.

  3. Ok im not even going to say how stupid this entry is. Ok can't stop myself this entry is stupid. I like your website and all but just stick with the funny. Stop trying to discredit God when its something you yourself haven't taken the time to understand.


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