Wednesday, December 9, 2009

«Pareidolia (Image Heavy)»

As I said in a previous post, pareidolia is the tendency of humans to see faces on random objects that don't actually have a face.

Here we have a simple faucet, yet you can clearly make out eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
The headlights of this sports car seem happy.
Sports car
The back of this chair is happy, too.
This house has creepy windows on its roof.
Creepy house
Happy face crater on Mars.
Smiley face on mars
This tree appears to have a bit of personality.
Alien tree.
This snow covered barbecue isn't really wearing sunglasses with a big grin, is it?
Snow covered barbecue
Remember the virgin Mary on the grilled cheese sandwich?
Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich.
And the conspiracies over the devil's face in the World Trade Center smoke?
World Trade Center smoke.


  1. Faucet? Baaah. I know a demon when I see one.

  2. the devil yaah right its jesus


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