Friday, December 11, 2009

«Well God Damned...»

It's funny how the comments in yesterday's post got totally derailed because I used the term "God damned".

When I first wrote that post I left out the "God" part of it. When I re-read it I wanted to add more emphasis. Despite me being an atheist I chose to use "God damned" as a term to add emphasis. Yes, even then the thought crossed my mind that it's perhaps a bit odd for an atheist to make such a reference to God. But I brushed off the concern because it's a commonly used term in the English language, and why should I refrain from using it? I didn't really expect such a big deal to be made over it.

A true God fearing person wouldn't use the Lord's name in vain. So in a lot of ways, me saying "God damned" is more acceptable than a Christian saying it. Although I do tend to avoid saying the term just to avoid this sort of confusion.

I'm not a foul mouthed person anyway. To me, excessive cursing is a sign of low intelligence and intolerance. That's not the sort of people I care to be around.


  1. Hmmm, yeah, I say god a lot too, even though I'm an atheist. Hopefully I didn't derail things too much.

  2. Dont fret - I say god damitt! very occasionally as well and sometimes have uttered the odd Jebus! exclamation for example having hit my thumb with a hammer. On a scary rollercoaster ride I might also utter "oh my god!". It don't signify nothing.

    As to swearing - in some areas of Scotland swearing is used a lot and I sometimes do swear more than I should which I guess means that sometimes I am low in intelligence and less than tolerant. Sounds about right.

  3. I would put Bruce Willis in the low intelligence category given the language he uses in his movies.

  4. @ Vid: Don't worry about derailing my posts. It gave me a topic for today, so thanks.


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