Wednesday, March 10, 2010

«AM vs. PM»

So I had yesterday's post scheduled like I usually do. I got up in the morning and didn't check it right away; it turns out I had it scheduled for 12:01 PM rather than AM. I only noticed a few minutes before noon anyway, so the post was about 12 hours late.

i waited for you
This is just one example of why we all should be using 24-hour clocks. I hate the 12-hour AM/PM system we use...

That's right, this post is just about blaming my human error on something else, then bitching about it.


  1. We should also have one time all arond the world. It's too confusing to have to add four hours to the Alakan time zone to get normal time.

  2. @ Vid: That's true, too. And it's Greenwich, England that should have the true "normal" time. All other timezones are a +/- offset of Greenwich Mean Time. I say the whole world should be on GMT.

    We'd just have to get used to it still being daylight at 23:00 hours, much in the same way the Southern hemisphere has gotten used to Winter being in July.


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