Wednesday, March 24, 2010

«Invisible Parasite»

Try as I might, I couldn't avoid the invisible parasite.

A rather nasty cold was going around my dad's workplace. He caught it, and despite my best efforts, I caught it from him. It took my dad 8 days to get over it, and he's a healthy guy. So I expect it to take about 8 days with me, too.

It starts out as a scratchy sore throat feeling, like you've been yelling all day. A headache will come on shortly after, and in my case a mild fever and my eyes are sore. I rarely get headaches unless I'm dehydrated or have a fever.

Sore eyes sure, that's common with me. I have poor vision with my left eye1, but my right eye is fine. Having different vision in your eyes causes strain and they get sore. Sore eyes and poor depth-perception are things I've just had to learn to deal with.

Anyway, back to the cold. If I follow the path my dad did, it will drop into my chest in a couple of days and stay there for 4 days, then turn into a sinus cold. But you never know, everyone fights illnesses differently. For an example, one of my dad's coworkers would cough all night and couldn't get much sleep. Whereas my dad didn't have too many issues with coughing.

Where I'm at now, it will get worse before it gets even worse. [sarcasm] I'm an optimistic person. [/sarcasm]

1: It's nothing glasses can fix. The optical nerve is underdeveloped. The actual eye is fine. It's a "low bandwidth" problem between my eye and brain.


  1. Eh... ferver? Ferver means boil, burble, fret, seethe, simmer, or wallop. Are you sure you don't mean fever, an unussually high body temperature?

  2. Whether you are suffering from fever or fervor, I hope you get well soon!

  3. I'm always spelling things wrong, then the spellchecker suggests the wrong word.

  4. @ Berni: Not as bad as I was when I wrote that, but I still have it.

  5. After a steroid shot to the rear and a Z-pack of abx I was finally able to kick it the same bug. Hope you've won by now!


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