Thursday, March 25, 2010

«The Cones Will Fix It»

Pop quiz! You're a public works maintenance person. A pothole is reported in a busy intersection. What do you do about it?

A. Repair it immediately.
B. Cover it with a steel plate so it's not an immediate hazard.
C. Place a couple cones so people have to drive around it, then ignore it for weeks.

If you answered C, perhaps you work for the city of Ketchikan!
Cones in a pothole.

Click image to view full.

I specifically tried to take the picture when there was no traffic. There was someone that was coming up on the intersection and when they saw me with my camera, they stopped.
Different angle of the cones in the pothole.
Click image to view full.


  1. I choose B. Am I right?

  2. All of those options sound much more proactive than what happens in our area!

  3. That's good they stopped, else you'd be fillin' that pothole.

  4. @ Berni: I was on the sidewalk. If they didn't stop, there would be a truck in the picture is all.

  5. I'm w/ Looney... The City of Tulsa would let that one go for a looong time. We recently had a hole through a bridge that a car could fall through and instead of closing the entire bridge, they just close that lane for repair.


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