Tuesday, March 9, 2010

«SimCity 4: Thaylambar»

Out in the farmlands of the city of Thaylambar, a strange shape appeared in the crops... Is it the work of aliens, or divine pasta?
Flying Spaghetti Monster in SimCity 4.

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I figured out I could use avenue roundabouts as the meatballs and road roundabouts for the eyes of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The city of Thaylambar has been touched.

Thaylambar is another of my cities I've been working on. It has a population of 99,000; yet the majority of the land is used as farmland.
Overview of Thaylambar
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I'm keeping the population poor and dumb. The reason is I'm working on a large industrial wasteland in a neighboring city, and I needed the demand for dirty industrial. As it turns out, only the poor and stupid are willing to work in a heavily polluted wasteland where you have to wear a gas mask to get to work. Who knew?

As a result, I cleaned up the industry in Ishau. I moved all the dirty industry to my wasteland city. Now there is only clean high-tech industry in Ishau. Also, the people in Ishau have proper schools are are fairly well off.


  1. very nice
    you should be like a mayor or something, you have a wonderful grasp on running a city :P

    - Six Legions

  2. @ Six Legions: A digital city, yes. You're always more like a God than a mayor. There's no one you have to answer to and you can never be voted out of office. I couldn't stand the politics of actually being mayor.

    I'm good at SimCity because I've been playing it most of my life. From when SimCity Classic was new all the way up the series.


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