Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Random macro picture I took on the 12th of this month. I enhanced the colors in photoshop a bit.


Click image to view full.

This was on a deck railing, it had froze the night before. Best I can figure air got under the ice, and was trapped when it melted during the day.

The 12th was the only day the entire week that the sun came out. The rest of the week was stormy, with winds clocked at the airport at 72 mph.


  1. What? I thought there was never any sunlight in Alaska during the winter.

  2. According to my calculations, Marf would have to travel 776 miles north before seeing even one day where the sun never rises - and that would have been 87 days ago. We're almost at the equinox now; even the north pole is seeing sun.

  3. @ Nathaniel: Thank you. You said it better than I could have.


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