Sunday, March 28, 2010


Smallpox. It's been with humans since before civilization. Killed many hundreds of millions. Human history is punctuated with its effects... It is the only human disease to have ever been eradicated. No one will ever die from Smallpox again.

Or is that really true? While it has been removed from the population, stocks still exist in the Unites States and Russia, under the care of the World Health Organization (WHO). They were going to be destroyed, but the WHO changed their mind against its destruction in 2002. Smallpox still exists...

Personally, I feel the DNA of Smallpox should be mapped, then all remaining stocks destroyed. We owe it to everyone that has ever died of Smallpox in the past and the future generations. Please, make sure it's really gone for good.

The Smallpox success alone should be enough to convince people of the usefulness of vaccinations. Even if vaccinations had any link with autism (and they don't) they'd still be well worth it. But that's another topic for another time...


  1. good to know... but um, where did that come from?

  2. @ Monique: I was looking up random illnesses. I didn't really feel like doing much else.

  3. Actually once I remembered you don't feel well, it made sense.

  4. I think they're probably keeping the smallpox in case of disease warfare.

  5. @ Vid: So it can be used as a weapon? I've always seen the WHO as a peaceful organization. They've already said they don't need the stocks to create a vaccine.

  6. Hey im just a kid at school who found ur site really intresting btw
    thinking about making a account
    i really just started coming here cuz games arent blocked by our schools firewall. See ya marf

  7. @ Anonymous (#6): That's why a lot of people come here, because the games are not blocked by their school firewall. But be careful, if you're caught they can block it. It's already happened to others.


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