Thursday, March 11, 2010

«Grandma Barf»

This is a scanned page out of my 7th grade steno pad from math class. It is one of the first occurrences of the name Marf. As you can see, the joke of changing Marf to Barf is as old as the name itself.

You're looking at something that's 11 years old... The illustrations and the letter "B" are not my work, but rather that of a classmate. The arrows that go across the page are a whole other story.
Page 18 of the legendary Steno Pad.

Click image to view full.

That's right, Marf was a grandma as well as a male search and rescue team member.


  1. It is very apparent this is from 1999- that's a Magnemite Pokemon in the upper lefthand corner!

  2. cool share................. but you know i wanna hear about the arrows now.

  3. @ Vid: Yeah, Magnemite was my favorite Pokemon, I drew one on every page of that steno pad that had something else on it.

    @ Monique: Perhaps in time.


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