Friday, March 5, 2010

«Bacon Rocket»

A model rocket made from bacon.

Bacon Rocket

I'm not sure if I believe it broke the window. Joel Veitch has played with amateur special effects in the past.


  1. I shouldn't suggest this, but there is actually a practical use for this device. Keeping in mind that bacon is "unclean", and certain militant groups require "clean" facilities ... Just gotta make it fly a bit straighter.

  2. The relentless progression of mankind marches forward... who knows what awesome creations tomorrow may bring.

  3. @ stratagem: Yeah, the US space shuttle program is coming to an end. But at least we'll have the British bacon rockets!

  4. I found this video very reassuring. The British have always been an inventive race and clearly we have cause for hope in the future. We just need to invent rubber windows and everything will be fine.

  5. I like his Popeye tee-shirt! I wonder if they have an Olive Oyl one?


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