Tuesday, December 7, 2010

«Aggressive Atheism»

Aggressive atheism

This Pat Condell guy is interesting. Not quite what I'd expect from someone his age. The older people get it seems, the more religious they get.


  1. "The older people get it seems, the more religious they get."
    Oh dear, I do hope not. It's taken me long enough to shuck off my teenage religion. Depressing to think it might sneak up and grab me back again.

    My brother first put me on to Pat Condell with this link from Richard Dawkins' site:

    Am I wrong to worry that aggressive atheists are doing the "cause" no favours? Or should atheists stand up against the pervasive nature of religion? The British Queen is the head of the Church of England and, although America did elect its first black president, I would be very surprised if an atheist got the job. Prince Charles threw us a bone with a comment about people of "all faiths and none", but it wasn't much.

    Maybe Pat is right, and we should stand up and SHOUT!!

  2. @ Linda: It takes both aggressive and passive. The aggressive ones get the attention (like Dawkins), then the passive ones can say "We're not all hostile!".

    But I do think that atheists as a whole should be a little more vocal. I'd be far more aggressive about it in real life if I weren't so shy.

  3. This is the guy The Amazing Atheist was ranting about. Good to know some atheists on YouTube make sense.


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