Thursday, December 16, 2010

«Derpcraft Development»

Time to post an updated map of the multiplayer Minecraft server I've been playing on. The overall map has grown to such a degree that it's ridiculous to post the full map like I did last time.

Here's the main part of the developed area. Most everything else outside this area has been explored, but not settled.
Derpcraft developed area

Click image to view full.
My snow globe is the white circle directly West of the red eVa letters.


  1. O.o can i have the ip for that plz?

  2. You should put the Master Marf "M" somewhere. Maybe in your snowglobe. On top of the pumpkin.

  3. @ Anonymous (#1): Nope. It's not a public server open to anyone. We don't need a bunch of people going in and destroying our stuff (not saying you will).

    @ Vid: I should. Problem is there's not really any green blocks I can build with.

  4. Oh. Shame. The one time I was able to play the free version of Minecraft I remember there were all different coloured blocks, but I guess they removed those in the purchasable one.

  5. @ Vid: Yeah, right now there's only one color of cloth block: the white one.

  6. You could outline the M with obsidian in a clean patch of grass somewhere...


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