Sunday, December 12, 2010

«Derpcraft Map»

Here's a map of the multiplayer map I'm playing on in Minecraft. The full size image is quite large. My avatar in-game is Indiana Jones. In the true explorative spirit of Indiana Jones, I've been about everywhere on this map.

Click image to view full.

This map was generated the morning of December 11th, so it's already out of date. There's been significant construction and exploration since then.


  1. Is the map a rectangle, or is the border irregular? It doesn't sound like that border is actually that strange + shape.

  2. @ Vid: There is no border. That + shape is what's been explored by someone. The map is generated as you go. The theoretical size limit of a map in Minecraft Alpha is 8 times the surface area of Earth.

    It's in a + shape because generally when someone goes out to explore, they go in a cardinal direction.


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