Thursday, December 2, 2010

«Salvation Army is a Hate Group?»

I never realized the Salvation Army was so against homosexuality. It seems silly for a charity organization to take a stance on this issue at all.

Boycott The Salvation Army

As if those bell ringers weren't bad enough. They also oppose pornography in all forms. Makes me not feel so good about those pots and pans we bought when I first moved to Boise Idaho.

Here's a Facebook page you can "Like" if you want to Boycott the Salvation Army.


  1. If the other groups took over feeding the homeless in New York City, a lot of homeless would starve to death!

  2. The Salvation Army is a corrupt organized religious cult! Most donations are providing for the advancement and livelihood of a Salvationist cult! They use the least amount of “front” money (takes money- to make money) possible to assist those in need; only enough to project that”doing the most good” image so you’ll keep giving. Your dollars are being used more for the “officers” all expenses paid- including tax grants, deferred retirement funds with fringe benefits packages; than assisting people in need! The direct services they are so proud of are primarily paid for by the U.S. Government (you and your tax money) through federal programs! And/or state and local funds and grants, The Salvation Army alone received $366 million government dollars in 2008.

  3. Wow. We gave a shed-load of household goods to the "Sally-Ann" when we moved in together; we knew they were religious but thought that the good they did outweighed that consideration. Seems we were wrong.

    I had a look on their UK website and found slightly different wording from that quoted in the video: "Scripture opposes homosexual practices by direct comment ... and also by clearly implied disapproval"

    They seem to be trying their hardest to avoid falling foul of the laws against discrimination, but cannot really bring themselves to accept homosexuality: "The Army recognises that same-sex friendships can be enriching, Christ-honouring relationships, bringing joy through mutual companionship and sharing. However, same-sex relationships which are genitally expressed are unacceptable according to the teaching of Scripture. Attempts to establish or promote such relationships as viable alternatives to heterosexually-based family life do not conform to God's will for society."

    I shall be more careful in future.

  4. @ Looney: Not if everyone that did donate to the Salvation Army instead donated the same to other charities. Then the other charities would have the resources to feed the homeless.

    @ Linda: Yeah, I disagree with almost every topic The Salvation Army has an official statement for. There's only a few like Human Trafficking that I agree with them on. It's kinda odd that they oppose slavery, since the Bible openly supports it in both the Old and New Testaments.

    I'm going to edit the blog post to include a link to the Facebook "Boycott the Salvation Army" page.

  5. @Marf, most charities are horribly inefficient. The Red Cross, for example, will generally disappear right after the news cameras leave:

    Anyway, you are sort of stuck with the fact that religious conservatives do the bulk of the charity providing, while leftists are primarily consumers. Here is a typical article:

  6. Wait, so they're not allowed to discriminate against gays? Seems like a double standard: you can discriminate against homophobes but not homosexuals?

  7. The Salvation Army does do loads of good works though. And an independant investigation found that in terms of the money donated to them they were the most effeicient both in terms of the money getting to the front line causes and value for money.As a gay man I can safely say that I have no problem at all with the Salvos , I dont agree with everything that they say but they are a chritian organisation so there teachings are founded in the bible. They arn't a hate group though - there is a fine line between disagreeing on something and hating it.

  8. @ Niall: Source of this investigation? Sorry, I've been watching too many YouTube videos by potholer54. You make a valid point, but I think I'll still stick with other organizations. I like the micro-lending aspect of Kiva. I feel like I'm teaching a man to fish rather than just giving him a fish... Or telling him to pray for one.


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