Monday, December 20, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Heavy Riding a Shark»

So for some reason I've started playing Team Fortress 2. I've had it since the Orange Box came out back in 2007, just never played it. It's a war-themed hat trading simulator and auction house.

Picture Unrelated / but it's a fancy Heavy carrying a cake and riding a shark with a piano on its back, with balloon animals everywhere. Enjoy.


  1. I have no idea at all what a war themed hat trading simulator is. Is this a simulation of people trading thats in a warlike manner? The only problem I see with that is that a "simulator" tends to imply that it is simulating something in real life. So there are people in real life who trade hats and do so with warlike intent? Gosh. There was me thinking I was well up on world affairs and all things interweb.

  2. @ Bunc: Well... It's actually a multiplayer first person shooter game where you and your team capture the "flag" or gain control of points on the map (while the other team must defend the points). You can play as one of 9 classes like the Heavy Weapons Guy or Medic.

    The whole hat simulation part comes from the introduction of cosmetic hats you can wear on your character. You can randomly find hats and trade with other players. That aspect of the game has gotten out of hand... There's some hats that have sold for as much as $300 (real money!). Keep in mind, these hats don't give any sort of advantage. They're just a way of personalizing the appearance of your character.

  3. THat is bizarre. These was me thinking you were just making some kind of Pythonesque joke.


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