Friday, December 31, 2010

«Metal Sandvich»

Team Fortress 2, what a game... I combine 2 spare sandviches I had and I get scrap metal.

However, for being a war-themed hat trading simulator and auction house, I have a distinct lack of tradable hats. I suppose one needs time to work his way up to the hat tier.


  1. I would consult the TF2 Crafting Wiki before I scraped things willy nilly.

  2. All I get when I combine two sandwiches is a better sandwich... real life does have its downsides.

  3. @ stratagem: I did. I already have the Dalokohs Bar (in fact, an extra as well). And I didn't have an extra Crit-a-Cola to make the Buffalo Steak Sandvich. I want to work my way up to 3 refined metals so I can get a hat! Here's my backpack.


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