Tuesday, April 22, 2008

«Ketchikan Street Photos (Photo Heavy)»

On Monday I went for a walk and took a few pictures, mainly of different roads in town (just for you, Monique). Ketchikan, Alaska has a few unique roads... Click on any of the photos to see their full size; at least what blogger will allow. I have larger versions. All of the photos in this post were taken by me on April 21, 2008.

This first one is a crudely stitched together image of the 3rd Avenue bypass. I was having a hard time getting a good perspective of the landscape around the road with a single photo... Sorry for the poor stitch job, at least 3 of the 4 photos were from different angles. (This is the only stitched photo in the bunch.)
3rd ave bypass stitched images.
And this is the view from below the 3rd Avenue bypass...
3rd ave bypass wall below the road.
... it's visible from the shoreline...
3rd ave bypass seen from the shoreline.
... and here is the view above it (from the Rainbird Trail).
Rainbird Trail viewpoint.
I like how the Schoenbar Road hill just looks like a drop-off from the top, with the caution signs and such.
Schoenbar Road hilltop.
An interesting little find at the bottom of the Schoenbar Road hill, the text in the concrete reads: NO SUCH THING AS CAN'T
No such thing as can't
Believe it or not, this wooden boardwalk counts as Bayview Street...
Bayview Street Boardwalk.
...the other end of Bayview Street, and the rather short Barber Street; no more than a stairway. There's a lot of boardwalks in town that for some reason count as streets.
Bayview Street and Barber Street stairs.
A section of our main road through town. Yup, it's a viaduct, built over seawater.
Ketchikan Water Street viaduct.
Here's our tunnel. It has a road around it as well as through it. I didn't think to get a picture of the houses on top of the tunnel.
North end of the Ketchikan tunnel.
And here's 2nd Avenue / Water Street, built on piling, hanging off the side of a cliff. (FYI: the picture was taken from the top of Elliott Street; another boardwalk.)
2nd Ave and Water Street.


  1. How awesome. Thanks Marf....

    I love the stitched together images, it is probably my favorite. But I'm weird like that....

    Uh oh, I think I see something to go on the Doodle Page, Marf made something creative !!

    It is beautiful there, it makes me giggle that you have a street which consists of a stairway...

    Love the tunnel, how cool... And yes, the drop off if neat looking, but the view from up there is amazing....

    I wish I remembered more about living there, we were in Anchorage.

  2. After looking at it a bit closer, I know it took some work to put those together...

    When I did the flower it was a tricky task.

    The effort is noticed and appreciated...

  3. That one picture top right did not go together with the others very well. The angle I took it at was too different. And I wouldn't really call it creative enough to go on Doodle Page. I didn't put THAT much work into it.

    I've never been to Anchorage, but I'm sure it's different than Ketchikan.

  4. Yeah right, you just don't want to participate - I get it....

  5. If I do something for Doodle Page, I'd want it to be more than just a picture I took...

  6. Hmmmm, such as ??

  7. @ OLED: Somehow I get the feeling your post is spam here. You made no specific references to my blog at all. And it looks like you've made identical comments elsewhere. (Sorry if I'm wrong)

    I'll let it slide though (this time). All links posted in comments here have the rel="nofollow" tag added to them, so your link here won't help your search engine rankings.

    @ Monique: I don't really have a good example.

  8. *pout* well that's no fun....


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