Tuesday, November 10, 2009

«The Mare's Nest»

It looks like I've been spotted by another blogger over at The Mare's Nest. It's a Sims 3 blog that appears to cover other Sims 3 blogs. First off, let me say I'm happy to have been noticed, and I am in no way complaining. Anyone talking about my site is a good thing. That being said, I do have a suggestion for a fellow blogger...

The Mare's Nest has a notorious way of not actually linking to the site they're talking about. So for example, on the page Master Marf, or Master Barf?1 they say this site is worth keeping an eye on. However, they only have a screenshot of my top banner. If you click on it, it just shows a larger version of the image. There's no link to get here.

Sure, people could do a quick Google search for my site and it's the first result. But let's be honest... Most people are too lazy to search for a site. It is a hassle for the readers and is easily remedied.

Now, I'm not demanding reciprocal links. I'm just saying it would be a good idea, for the convenience of your own readers, to link to the webpages you talk about. You can use the nofollow tag if you're really worried about passing along "link juice"2 to potentially untrustworthy sites.

I probably would have contacted them more privately about this were I able to find a way to do so. They have commenting disabled and I didn't find a contact link. So I wrote this here, in the hopes that it would be found by the intended person. Although I think it's good advice for any blogger out there: link to the sites you talk about!

Yes, I read on The Mare's Nest where they say they are trying to avoid "pandering to the whims of their readership." That's fine, I just hope they are still open to friendly suggestions.

1: The joke of changing Marf to Barf is as old as the name itself, from back when I came up with the name in 1999. Damn, I just realized that was 10 years ago.
2: "Link Juice" is a term used to describe how Google and other search engines use links to rank and index pages. The more "link juice" your site gets, the better it ranks.


  1. What?!?!?!!!!!!!111!!!1one!!!!
    Master Barf? How dare they?
    Jeez, they say it's off-topic when you say somehting not about Sims 3. It's not like this whole blog is about Sims 3. You have other things to talk about, unlike them.


  2. @ Vid: You're right, there is no specific topic here, thus nothing can really be "off-topic". Although that's actually the blog's downfall; it's best to have a specific topic or niche to focus on for a blog.

    However, there's no single topic that I could make daily posts about.

  3. Howdy Marf - still blogging string then? I see you have passed your 700th post. Well done. I decided to take a break for a while but Im getting back into the bloggiing saddle again.

  4. @ Bunc: Good, I'm glad to see you'll be getting back into it. Yup, I'm still blogging as still have not missed a day since I started.

  5. "still have not missed a day since I started"

    blah blah blah lol

    I haven't blogged more than once a week for months now.


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