Friday, February 20, 2009

«Google Sitelinks»

I just noticed that Google has generated sitelinks for my site! You can see them by doing a search for [Master Marf]. Here's a picture of them, outlined in red:
Google Search results for Master Marf, showing the sitelinks.

An Idle Mind and a Quote on Theater

I almost feel like this is an important site, with navigation items showing and-Wait... what? Those are just random links! How in the hell did Google manage to select a random blog post and the archive page from April 2008? I'd expect to see links like those in my navigation menu (About, Quotes, Links, etc.).

Google uses an algorithm to determine automatically what should be in the sitelinks, and if a site should have them at all. I've always thought it was only big, important sites that got them. I never expected this blog to.

I did a little research about how a site can obtain sitelinks. Google has very little official information about them, so it's up to the community to figure it out. It seems older sites are favored, as well as sites who's name matches their url.

I could block the random ones with my Google Webmaster account. However, it takes a minimum of 3 links for any to show. So I'd rather have the random links there than no links. It makes my site stick out more in the search results.


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