Tuesday, February 10, 2009

«Ugly Building»

This town sure has some jewels for buildings, doesn't it? This one is located right on the main drag through town.
Ugly building on Ketchikan's main drag.

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I tell you... They beautify the part of town that the tourists see during the summer, but the rest of us locals just have to deal with eyesores.

It even has little trees growing on it...
Trees growing on the ugly building.
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Oh, and in case you wanted to know, I took these pictures on the 8th of this month (Feb 2009).


  1. Gorgeous. Didn't you post another beaut some time ago w/ a totally unreal price tag?

  2. @ Monique: Indeed, I did. But at least that one was out of the main view, down an alleyway.

  3. Looks like your town could use some help from the stimulus package.

  4. @ Looney: Yeah... Like this town's going to get anything after the Bridge to Nowhere fiasco.


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