Wednesday, February 18, 2009

«Vince Offer»

From the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic, the Wow Shaman!
Hi, it's Vince with my new product the WoW Shaman! / It shoots lightning, it's a healer, it's DPS, it turns into a wolf! You like totems? Its got totems! No other shaman's gonna do that, you'll be saying wow every time! / We're gonna do this in real time. Here's some cola--you following me camera guy? / Y'see that? The WoW Shaman doesn't give a shit. He's a shaman, not a janitor. It's not even his rug. / "Let's see what white trash middle America is saying about the WoW Shaman!" / Uhh... Can I eat it? / That's right folks, you're gonna love my testicles! And if you order in the next twenty minutes--because we can't do this all day--you're going to get no one, not two, but thirty-six WoW Shamans, just like that other douchebag! / Here's how to order!

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Here in the United States we have a couple of really annoying infomercial guys. This Vince Offer guy is one of them1. Yes, apparently the guy's last name is "Offer" and he's an ex-Scientologist.

For those of you who have not seen him (i.e., don't see United States television), here's the ShamWow commercial:

ShamWow (Full Length)

And for that "you're gonna love my testicles!" line in the comic, look to the Slap Chop commercial. At time index 0:36 in the video he says "You're gonna love my nuts." Vince is insulting as well. He says things like "stop having a boring life".

Slap Chop (2 minute version)

"Within the next 20 minutes, 'cuz you know we can't do this all day." Yeah... Except you will see the damn commercial every 20 minutes all day2...

Vince holding a ShanWow
1: Billy Mays is the other one.
2: Assuming you watch the TV all day, which I don't.


  1. So flippin annoying.

    There is another guy that is equally bothersome, I'll have to look him up. It's the Wow or Pow something or other cleanser.

    I'll find it.

  2. Oh.... um.... so that's who Billy May's is.... Did not know that.

    The product is "Kaboom" BTW, but since you already mentioned the dude, you probably know that.

  3. @ Monique: Yeah, the other one is Billy Mays. I know him best from his old OxiClean commercials.

  4. Scioentology backgrouns kinda says it all really eh..

  5. @ Bunc: Heh. For whatever reason he chose to leave Scientology. Then he got to see first-hand how they really are. After deserting the "church" he was declared Fair Game.

    "Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

  6. Marf, just curious but how old are you? you seem really smart like kinda geekish yet almost "wise." See what i mean??

  7. @ Anonymous: Well, thanks. I'm currently 22.


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