Wednesday, February 11, 2009

«Mythbusters, Landslides, and Gmail, Oh My!»

The Mythbusters were in town between January 31st and February 5th. I knew that they were going to be in town, but I didn't know exactly when until they were already gone. So I didn't have a chance to meet Adam and Jamie. They were working in the shop up at the high school. I heard they did an assembly for the students after someone slipped them a note under the door. They didn't let too much information out about what they were doing, but it has something to do with a pykrete boat made of newspapers. I think the episode is due to air in April.

In other local news, yesterday morning there was a major landslide here around 8 AM. It happened around 5 miles North. Just North of Walmart for those of you who know the area. It blocked the main road with house-sized rocks, and undercut a house above it. They're still clearing it. Yesterday afternoon they managed to clear enough of one lane to allow people to pass every half hour.

And on a less interesting note, I spent some time yesterday reorganizing my Gmail.

I usually keep a pretty tidy inbox, and even all my archived mail have labels attached to them. However, I went through and tried to clean a little out of my dreaded catch-all "Other" label. When I can't decide what else to label an email as, I slap on the "Other" label. I also redid a few of my filters, added a few new ones... The main bulk of my email sorts itself into the correct labels thanks to the filters.

The email address in my About Section ends up in my gmail account, and goes through the same sorting process too. In fact, I've set up its own inbox using the new multiple inbox feature in Gmail Labs.


  1. Ewwww, I feel so privileged to have had the inside scoop on all of these.

    I guess my post today could be Tornadoes, Testosterone and Muggings A-Plenty.

  2. @ Monique: Well, you should. I wasn't planning to blog about all of them until just last night.

  3. I had missed the multiple inbox labs feature Marf so I am grateful for you posting about that - I have it set up now.

  4. @ Bunc: It's a new feature, I don't even think it's been out a week yet. So you haven't been missing it for long.


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