Thursday, February 26, 2009

«Puff the Mundane Seagull»

Why did I photograph such a mundane bird like a seagull? Because I could... And it let me get pretty close to it. These picture were taken on February 24th. Click an image to view full.

This one looks a little puffed up for some reason.
Slightly puffed up seagull
Sitting on the railing.
Seagull siting on a railing
And another closeup shot of it.
Closeup of a seagull
It was time for some sort of random photographs anyway...


  1. It does seem that the uglier the bird, the more relaxed they are about being photographed.

  2. @ Looney: You know, I don't really think seagulls and pidgins are really all that ugly. I think people have just gotten so use to seeing them.

  3. They're sexy and cute! *pinches their feathery cheeks* [°-^]

  4. @ Berni: I remember someone a while ago telling me to take more pictures of birds. Was that you?


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