Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just wanted to point out that there's no word in the English language that means "having an extensive vocabulary". The word megagaltastic has been selected for this meaning. However, in order for a word to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, it needs at least five published instances of the word, and it needs to be at least five years old.

It has been published in many places now, mainly by people that wanted to be megagaltastic. And so far, I think the word is about half way through its age requirement. It became widespread on October 19th, 2006 when it was used on The Show With ZeFrank.

Oh, yeah. There's been a minor change with the layout. The location and placement of the orange guillemets (the « and » symbols; talk about being megagaltastic...) have been tweaked. I added them around the title of each post, and removed the first one on the "See the rest of..." link (can be seen out on the main page of the blog).


  1. it is now 4/22/12, is it a word yet?! >_>


  2. For frustration with excessively and obfuscatingly verbose megagaltasts, there's also hyperpolysyllabicsesequipidationistic, which means 'given to using overly long words'.

  3. Gah, that should be 'hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianistic'.


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