Thursday, February 12, 2009

«Subscribed By Email?»

For those of you who are subscribed to my blog by email, I have just recently subscribed to my own blog via email. What does this mean to you? It means that I'll finally be able to see what you see. So I'll be able to tweak how it looks if something is wrong. It only took me over a year since I added the option before I bothered to even test it.

There's a few people that have subscribed via email, but have not clicked the confirmation link in the email that is sent to them. I'm going to be sending out messages to these people to see if they still want to be subscribed.

The emails will read:

Hi there.

On [DATE] you (or someone else) signed up your email address to receive daily email updates from Master Marf ( ).

I've just been checking my subscriber records and I've noticed that you did not complete the subscription process.

Your email address was added to the subscriber list, but for some reason you did not confirm your subscription when I sent a follow up email asking you to do so. Unfortunately, the Feedburner system I use requires this confirmation, so I've not been able to send updates.

Do you still want to get daily updates on my posts over at Master Marf?

If not, no problem. I am not into pressuring anyone into subscribing, I just wanted to make sure. Either ignore this email, or reply to it telling me you don't want to be subscribed, and I'll remove your email from the list.

If you do wish to receive the updates, I suggest you do one of 3 things:

1. Find the confirmation email that was sent to you on [DATE] and click the link confirming your subscription.

2. If you can't find it (and I understand how these things get lost or deleted) simply resubscribe via email by Clicking Here.

3. If you use a Feed Reader, I suggest you subscribe to my Web Feed instead.

Both the Web Feed and the Email Subscription links can also be found in the top of my sidebar on my site (just under the search bar). Once you've added your email and then confirmed it with the confirmation email that will come minutes afterwards you'll be set to go. You're free to unsubscribe at any point.

The subject line of the confirmation email should be something like this:
Activate your Email Subscription to: Master Marf's Blog

You may want to add [EMAIL ADDRESS] to your address book so your spam filters don't mistake the confirmation email or the daily updates as spam.

Thanks for your interest in Master Marf.

Cody Durkin

Where [DATE] is the date that they tried to subscribe, and [EMAIL ADDRESS] is the one found in my About Section. I didn't include the address here in this blog post because I don't want spambots to pick up the address (I have scripts in place to prevent that on my About page).

And no, this is not going to be an automated email, or an email that is sent out in bulk to many people. I hate it when people send the same email to tons of people. I'm going to be sending them out individually to specific people one at a time (there's really not that many to send anyway).

Personally though, I'd subscribe to the Web Feed if at all possible.


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