Tuesday, June 3, 2008

«Fuel Prices»

So, how are fuel prices in your area? What about diesel? This is what they're like here in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Safeway fuel prices in Ketchikan, Alaska.Yup, that's $3.919 for regular unleaded gas and $4.889 for diesel.

At this point, I'm curious what they'll do with the sign when it reaches $10.009. It seems most of the signs and pumps were not designed for the extra digit. Maybe they'll do away with that 9 on the end. I've always thought that added 9/10 of a cent was so ridiculous. It should be rounded to the nearest cent, don't you think?

I'll have to call in tonight "for further instructions", but if nothing has changed, Wednesday will be my first day of jury duty. My group number was called. Despite the common loathing associated with jury duty, I'm looking forward to it. This will be my first time.

Too bad that if I get on a trial I can't say anything about it until the trial is over.


  1. You have a Safeway? Wow, I havent' seen a Safeway in mega-ages. Cool.

    I just paid $3.67 for mine.

    Good Luck w/ jury duty.

  2. Yeah, we have a Safeway. Back in the day it was a C-Mart, then a Carrs, and now a Safeway.

    We also have a Walmart.

  3. We got $4.37 across the street for regular.

  4. @ Looney: Ack, that's quite a bit higher than here.


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