Wednesday, June 18, 2008

«Thumbtack and Firefox 3, Completely Unrelated»

Once again, no jury duty. The trial has been canceled. Now I've got to call Monday to see if there's a trial on Tuesday.

Today I did some hill climbing with my bicycle. Keep in mind it's only a 5 speed, not one of those fancy 24 speed mountain bikes. Believe me, this town has its share of hills. Much of it is built on the side of a mountain.

When I got home I noticed I had run over a thumbtack. So now my front tire is flat. I'm none too happy about that. I had just bought lights for it so I could do some night riding. (Now I have an image of that car from Knight Rider in my head.) Now I'll have to wait until I fix the tire. My tires are old and cracked anyway, so I might just replace them.

I downloaded Firefox 3, and helped their attempt at setting a world record. I haven't installed it yet, however. What's the previous record for most downloads in one day? Turns out there isn't one. No-one's bothered to formally claim the record. Their target was 5 million, and (at the time I'm writing this) the day isn't quite over yet and they already have 5,144,640. So they've made their goal.


  1. Your jury duty thing, sucks. I know you want to do it and that's cool, but my gosh.

    Cool about the lights and Night Rider reference, haven't thought of that in forever.

    I haven't downloaded FF3. I had intended to and even pledged to, still can I guess, but didn't yesterday. Glad to know I didn't ruin it for them......

  2. Usually there are so many little buggies to be worked out that I always wait a while before downloading it.

    The thumbtack bit bites... at least your tire didn't really go flat til you were about home.

  3. @ Barbara: I'm using Firefox 3 now, and there doesn't seem to be any bugs yet.

  4. Did they fix the memory leak? That might have been fixed a while ago, but it's been my biggest complaint with FF...

  5. I haven't noticed any memory leaks. Opera is a good browser for memory efficiency.

  6. The memory leak used to be pretty bad and was EASY to duplicate. With as much browser usage as I had I gave up on FF, otherwise I'd have to reboot twice a day.

  7. I never really had any memory leak problems. And I consider myself to be a fairly heavy user of tabs.

  8. I downloaded ff3, and I like it!


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