Sunday, June 8, 2008

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I noticed a couple of weeks ago Google changed their favicon from a capitol 'G' to a lowercase 'g'. I'm happy to have read this new favicon Google has isn't a final product. Because I for one don't like the lowercase 'g' icon. A lot of people call Google "The Big 'G'", and having a lowercase letter in their icon just isn't right.

To steal an image from the Official Google Blog (specific article linked above)
Google favicon iterations
These are a few of the different icons they considered. My favorite out of these is the circular one in the bottom row. I don't at all like the ones that have no letter(s). They're just odd shapes, and doesn't associate with Google in my mind at all. Although I don't see what was wrong with the old icon.

I also don't think spelling out the entire name will work. A favicon is only 16x16, and that's not big enough to spell out a word and have it easily read. I found that out when I was designing my favicon for this blog. I was originally going to spell out 'Marf' in the little green circle, but the text was too small to read. So I just went with a big 'M' instead.

Eh, that's my opinion on it.


  1. I like the jumbled google, it's cute...

  2. Of the options I think I'd have to go with the jumbled Google as well... Having just the Go or Goo on some of them is just silly, yes we know it's Google, but still...

    The circular one you mentioned could be good, but they need to get all the colors in there and get rid of the "shine" on the G...

  3. Actually, the circle one has the colors in the border, but perhaps the 'G' itself could also be colored like some of the ones up in the row above it.

  4. I think it's because the band is so thin and they only have the red blue and green. I should put my favicon and such back in place, I just really didn't want to host it on my home servers anymore. I'll probably move it and the font file to googlepages or something.

  5. Yeah, I have mine hosted in googlepages.


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