Tuesday, June 10, 2008

«I've Been Awarded»

Amazing Blogger AwardI've received a blogging award from Monique. See? I've seen these and other similar awards displayed on many other blogs. Now I've been awarded.

Now, before you read any further, I do appreciate the thought. I would like to thank Monique for that. Now with the little disclaimer over, I hope I don't offend Monique too much with my next point...

What's the requirements for such an award? Why does seemingly everyone willing to display one have one (or many)? What's the point (other than for an individual to show personal appreciation for a blog)? It's kind-of like the Emmys, and Oscars, Nobel Peace Prize, and whatever else celebrities award each other with. There's so many awards, and so may people have them, that they all loose their meaning and importance.

I'd like to re-affirm I do appreciate the thought. However, I don't plan on displaying the award in my sidebar. I might make a separate awards page if I end up collecting a few more. Yeah, right. Like I'll get any more rewards after how ungrateful I sound here...

As far as my jury duty: there was a trial for Tuesday, but I called in and it was canceled. So now I have to call in on Friday, June 13 to see if the one for Monday, June 16 is going to go as scheduled. Only because I want to do it, I'll probably go through the entire month without having to go in at all.


  1. "...other than for an individual to show personal appreciation for a blog"

    That is the point. Nothing mystical about it, just a friendly little "think you're nifty".

  2. I should make you a pink and purple, cute puppy dog with flowers and ribbons award... :) With the assumption that you would absolutely hate it ;)

    I think it's about letting someone know you appreciate them. Though I do agree they are a bit overdone, but if someone takes the time to let me know they like my blog and appreciate what I take time to share. I acknowledge it and appreciate the readers and commenters. And I'll be honest, when I pass them on, I don't expect people to display them or anything.

    At least Monique took the time to find one that she thought you'd appreciate as opposed to the little chica in red, shows she actually appreciates you and your personality. :)

  3. @ Barbara: Yeah, I know. It was nice of her to find one that's more my personality.


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