Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Yet again, for jury duty the trial was canceled. The 30th is the last possible day. If that one doesn't go as scheduled, then I will have gone the entire month without even going in.

Once again, the old poll has been up for so long no one even hardly knows what it's about. Nearly all the votes recently have been "The what?". So, here's the results for the old poll question "Do you like the post truncation?": Yes 7, No 1, and The what? 6.

More posts about...

Here's the new poll (it's also in the sidebar). I thought about allowing multiple choices, but I fear people would choose every option and I wouldn't really get a feeling for what's wanted most. Whether I actually do increase the frequency of the most voted topic or not, I don't know. Either way, it will give me an idea.

Fun fact: I looked up the word "whether" to make sure I had the correct word for my usage of it in the above paragraph, as opposed to "weather" or "wether". The fun fact is that the word "wether" actually exists; it's a castrated ram (male sheep).


  1. I was one of the "the what?" votes. Had to look up that word 'truncation'--it's not one that I use. I know what it means now. I just extended my vocabulary.

    Oh, and I didn't know 'wether' meant castrated ram. Today must be vocab day. I love it! [^o^]

    I voted you 'cause just because--oh, and I'm interested in random crap, too. Random crap is always brain inspirin'. [^.^]

  2. Yeah, I couldn't think of any other way to word it and keep the question short.

    I didn't know about "wether" either.

    You got the first vote in the new poll ;)

  3. Hmm,I learned something new today too. Several things actually, courtesy of Marf.

    I'm a random crap kinda girl myself. Now we just need Looney and Barbara to come in and vote for the other 2.

  4. Oh, I know. And I'd actually expect Looney to vote for more about my home town. It wouldn't be a far shot for Barbara to vote "other blogs" either.

    And that would put me on the same level as people voting for everything.

  5. Then some special someone would get to come in and tip the vote... Nice way to make a visitor feel uber special.


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