Monday, June 9, 2008

«Motivational Monday: Procrastination»

Maybe later...

Procrastination / I'll find a picture for it later.


  1. I felt cheated by the image at first, but I guess that is what procrastination is all about.

  2. I happen to like this one and have had it for quite some time. It goes up on the desktop as a warning, don't ask, I'm not doing it.

  3. @ Looney: I thought it was funny when I first saw it because it fit so well.

    @ Monique: That's odd...

  4. You seem surprised by my oddness.

  5. @ Monique: It was the whole "don't ask, I'm not doing it." thing that's odd.

  6. It's actually more of an understanding between Bay (Big B) and I. He has many little projects he wants my touch added to, this happened to be up once when he asked while I was in no mood to deal. I snapped at him and he sarcastically said "oh, I got it".

    Later telling me that he should have known better when he saw the wallpaper. So now I throw it up when I know he is getting ready to ask and I don't feel like doing.

    Let it be known that I do more than I don't.

    Still odd? TMI? Don't care? Oh well, you got it anyway.

  7. @ Monique: Ok, that makes sense. I thought it was popping up on the screen without you doing it; like a computer virus or something. That's what I thought was odd, because that would be an odd virus...


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