Saturday, June 21, 2008

«Caturday: Already Woke Karate»

The cats this time don't seem too pleased with it being so soon...

Is it Caturday already?

You woke bearcat from hibernation.
Do you want karate?


  1. Hi...Great pics!

    I have cats too and am now going to bed now. It's late on Caturday night and I can't keep my eyes open!

  2. You must be in a different time zone, sleep well and thanks.

    Although I don't actually have any cats. In fact, the only pets I have are seamonkeys.

  3. I totally love the last one....

    And needed the laugh... Thanks for Caturday !

  4. I had seamonkies once, but I unintentionally killed 'em all. I spilled the container they were in all down the dresser and onto the carpet. They dry up fast! [^.^]

    The Caturday pix are cute.

  5. I don't think my seamonkeys are doing too well anymore.

  6. I don't know, there's just not many of them left.


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