Sunday, June 22, 2008

«Photos From the 19th»

Here's a few pictures I took on the 19th. Click an image to view full.

I caught a bee in this flower.
Bumble bee in a flower.
Here's a flower of the same type, without a bee.
Purple flower
Here, you can see an eagle nest in the dead tree in the center (it's still in use). There's also a cell phone antenna on the highest mountain peak in the picture.
Mountain sunset shadows.
This one I played around in photoshop a bit to bring out the colors.
Purple mountain paradise.


  1. Nice photography! I'm not seein' the antenna--my eyes are faulty. [-.o]

    These pictures aren't taken from your backyard, are they? If they are--you've got one awesome view!

  2. The antenna are pretty small in the image I uploaded. You can see it a little better in the original.

    The last 2 pictures were taken from my dad's deck, and that's only a zoomed in part of the view. Amazing what cutting a few trees will do for your view.

  3. Ok this is the third attempt at this comment if it doesn't go through, well you don't get one on this post :P

    I love your pictures! Is that a lighthouse on the island? Also, is photography just a hobby for you or do sell your pictures at all?

  4. @ Barbara: Why couldn't you get the comment to go through?

    Yes, that is a lighthouse. However, they have dimmed the light way down. With GPS and radar, lighthouses are no longer really needed.

    It's just a hobby. I've never even considered selling photos. I don't think I'm that good...

  5. I don't know, kept getting a error from blogger. I didn't write it down. Not your fault, I was having trouble posting on my on blog just afterwards as well.

    I think you have a good eye, and with all the tourists that come through there... you have a steady supply of potential customers... you should consider it... It's obviously a hobby you like, why not try it out? If it doesn't work out you aren't really out anything, you go back to doing it for your enjoyment only...

  6. I'd need some way to make prints of my photos, have a shop, and go through the trouble of having a business license.

  7. There are no shops downtown which might sell them? There is always online...

  8. I don't know... There might be a shop in town that would sell local photography. But I don't really plan to; I'm not a professional photographer.

  9. How did I not see these already?

    Um, AWESOME. I love them all, the flower is so cool, the view and eagle nest - totally cool and omg the photoshopped one is now on my desktop.

    I'm w/ Barbara, no need for a shop. Get a sign to advertise, cards and post a frickin web addy where they can order from you when they get home.

    They'll take the card, toss it in w/ their stuff, forget you until they are home and unpacking and then will be thrilled to have a chance to resee what they saw when they saw it there. Just MHO.


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