Sunday, June 15, 2008

«Social Networking Links»

I was playing around with Feedburner the other day. I've been using it for my webfeeds, but I've tapped into another feature of it. You'll notice links that look like this at the bottom of each post:

Technorati Links • Digg This! • Stumble It! • Save to

So feel free to use them. I figured why not? Just because I don't use those sites doesn't mean I can't benefit from them. Or make it easy for others to use them with my blog. I've never used Digg, Stumble Upon, or I use Technorati sometimes.

The Technorati Links are posts from other blogs that have responded to my corresponding post. Or if I've responded to another blog. It essentially tracks a topic or conversation through the blogosphere. Since my blog isn't terribly popular yet, most of my posts won't have much of an impact in the blogosphere to track.

You can also use it as a blog search engine. I've found blog posts using Technorati from tourists that went on cruises here. It's interesting to read an outside opinion of this town. See things from the view of a tourist rather than a local.


  1. "I've found blog posts using Technorati from tourists that went on cruises here."

    That would be very interesting. What are some things said?

  2. Most were descriptions of the ports they stopped in, and the wildlife they saw, like eagles and whales.

  3. I use all 4... love don't really use it for "social bookmarking" I use it just to hold all my bookmarks so I can share them between work and home easily.


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