Sunday, August 24, 2008

«6 Random Things About Me Tag»

I've been busy with various things for the blog, updating since I've moved to the new domain. But I'll take a bit of a break to do this "6 random things about me" meme I've been tagged with by Monique.

  1. My birthday is the day after Spore is officially released in the US. I'll be 22 on September 8th.
  2. I've never did any illegal drugs in my life. Not once.
  3. I didn't go to my high school prom.
  4. I hate writing. I've always hated it. That's one reason why I force myself to do daily blog posts.1
  5. I'm fairly good at managing money. With no job, I'm on a tight budget.2
  6. I have a chainmail shirt. I got it for a good price on eBay because it was incorrectly labeled under the category for boat steering wheels.

I don't think I'll bother tagging anyone this time.

1: Although I don't really hate blogging... I realize the value of writing, and just like anything else, if you don't use it you lose it.
2: Yes, I'll have to find a job soon. And yes, I've been saying that for a while now...


  1. Well, Happy Early Birthday! Mine's on the eleventh. Good for you for not experimentin' with drugs--they're no big deal anyway. I've only had two joints (puffs, really) in my life and it just made me sleepy and sick. I don't know what all the hub-bub is about 'em.

    I wish I didn't go to my school prom--it sucked.

    Chainmail shirt!?! How cool! Ya gotta put it on and take a picture. I wanna see it. [^.^]

    For a guy who hates writin'--you're pretty darn good at it.

    What kinda job are ya thinkin' on?

  2. Very cool.

    I think you're the only one that I tagged w/ this, that actually did it.

    Proms aren't "all that". There is a very small group of people that have a truly memorable night, then there are those that go hoping for it but not expecting it, then some that go just because they think that you're supposed to.... It's silly really.

    The chainmail shirt would be cool to see.... Was it bought just because or did you have some other purpose for it?

  3. @ |bernadette|: Well then, happy early birthday back.

    I've been offered pot, but I always turned it down. Now, I get random people walking up to me asking where to buy it. I must look like a drug dealer or something...

    I had absolutely no reason to go to the prom.

    Maybe I will take a picture of the chainmail shirt some time.

    Meh, I think there's a lot of room for improvement in my writing. But thanks.

    I'd like to get a networking job or some other job maintaining computers. I don't know really... Just something computer related.

    @ Monique: Yeah, I figured I better get to it or you'd be hounding me soon.

    I bought the shirt just because I wanted a chainmail shirt. Simple as that.

  4. I had a chainmail shirt but I got rid of it because it kept catching the hairs on my chest... the chainmail underpants were even worse...

  5. "I figured I better get to it or you'd be hounding me soon"

    This is true. Good man.

  6. @ Bunc: Chainmail underpants, you say? Now would they be used because you were a bouncer and wanted protection from being stabbed? Or were they of a slightly more kinky variety?

  7. How could chainmail underpants pssibly NOT be kinky? Mind you I always had to be very careful about how I sat down ....


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