Tuesday, August 19, 2008

«Googlepages To Be Canceled»

Googlepages has been marked for cancellation. This poses a problem for me far beyond my blog supplement pages going away. Anything hosted on a googlepages domain, including my background images and CSS on my blog here (essentially everything that makes my blog's template what it is), will be gone.

I'm not sure exactly when this will be, but I'm not happy about it. I might have to find a webhost that I'd have to pay for. I definitely don't want to revert back to a default Blogger template. When I figure out what to do, there might be a few glitches and/or problems while I do the transition. I don't think Google Sites will do what I would need it to do.

Here's the notice in the announcement they made in the Google Page Creator Discussion Group:

Hello Google Page Creator Users,

We are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator because we
have shifted our focus to developing Google Sites. Google Sites offers
many of the capabilities of Page Creator along with new features like
site-level navigation, site-level headers, control over who can see
and edit your site, and rich embeddings like calendars, videos, and
Google docs. Simply put, we think that Google Sites offers a better
experience for creating web pages and websites. Consequently, we will
be shutting down Page Creator later this year.

If you are currently a Page Creator user, you can continue to use Page
Creator and your pages will automatically be transitioned to Google
Sites later this year. We are committed to making this transition as
smooth and easy as possible, and we will post more details as we get
closer to the transition time. You can also manually move your web
pages from Page Creator to Google Sites or other service providers at
any time.

Page Creator has always been a Google Labs project (Labs is our
"technology playground" where we let users test-drive experimental
products and give us feedback so we can innovate more quickly). Since
launching Page Creator in Labs, we've learned a lot and have
incorporated those lessons into Google Sites. We think the Labs
program, which allows users to try new things before they're fully
baked, lets us innovate faster and ultimately create the best possible

We seriously thank each and every one of you who have taken the time
to use, write about, offer suggestions, and become passionate about
Google Page Creator. Sites will be an exciting way to continue and
extend the great things you've been doing; we can't wait for you to
start using the service.


- Mike and the Google Page Creator and Sites Teams

*sigh* Perhaps this will finally convince me to get my own domain name after all...


  1. Awesome.

    But I still don't understand what the big deal is about the change. I get your dilemma, moving everything, but you are seething over the GoogleSites thing.

    Something you aren't telling us?

  2. It's just that everything is dumbed down and taken out of your control. For those of us who know what we're doing and want to add a little personal flare, or write the code by hand... We can't.

  3. Oh. That does suck.

  4. Thanks for lettin' us know! I just switched the stuff from my google page to photobucket. It was an easy transition, thankfully. [^.^]

    I'm not pleased by this potential change. I like control over my site and google pages gave the freedom to play around and explore things. That's sad it's gonna be cancelled.

  5. I don't know when it's going to take effect. I still have some stuff on googlepages. I have it backed up elsewhere, however.

    I don't like the top banner ads GoDaddy's free hosting puts on pages, so I've still got all my blog supplements hosted on googlepages.

    The CSS and background images for the blog, however, are switched over.


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