Thursday, August 7, 2008

«Banana Dogs»

I saw this on Fail Dogs.

Banana dog costumes
Just... Wow. I didn't know they made banana costumes for dogs.


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  2. ((sorry for the delete, see a typo fix a typo))

    Ok... Just a mood, but here's what I thought when I saw this:

    The golden dog reminds me of the ditzy sorority girl that will pose and smile for any camera in any situation. All the pics of her look the same whether she is in a prom dress or holding the hair of her girlfriend who is puking over the toilet.

    The dark dog looking at the camera reminds me of the girl that would rather be left out but feels pressured to go along w/ it and secretly wants to shove the camera into your face.

    The 2 dogs facing each other are the ditzy golden dogs tag-alongs and are both stupidly looking at each other and saying in unison "you've got something on your head".

    Um... Yeah. Thought I'd share.


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