Friday, August 8, 2008

«Beijing Olympics»

I'm glad the Beijing Olympics are finally here; it means they will be over soon. I am so tired of hearing about it. All the protests and such... Let China govern themselves as they see fit. You tell someone how to run their country, they will resent you for it. It's like telling a parent they are raising their child wrong, and telling them how they should do it. All it does is piss them off.

I also heard there's something like 80 heads-of-state (including George Bush) there for the opening. Now I see why a while back someone tried to start a scare for today. Several months ago I started seeing talk online about writing "8/8/08... Boom" on bathroom stalls and such. Let me assure you, I took no part in it.

But think about it hypothetically, 80 world leaders in one place. Wouldn't that be the perfect time for a terrorist bombing? Perhaps, just perhaps, the little "8/8/08... Boom" thing was meant to keep security on their toes, so nothing does actually happen.

We can only hope the Beijing Olympics go without any more protests or riots: or terrorist attacks. Unless something does happen, I expect this to be the last I talk about the Olympics, because as I might have said earlier, I'm tired of hearing about them. I've never been much into sports.

With all this talk of games... You just lost The Game.


  1. I'm mildly interested in the Olympics, but I'm not stressing about it. I had not heard of the 8/8/08:Boom thing.

    You just don't even know how appropriate the last two times have been that you've made me losing the f'ing game.

    What a day.

  2. At the very least, I can be certain that you lost the game before I did today.

  3. @ Monique: Yeah, I think enough people were smart enough to not spread it in real life.

    @ Trevor: *sigh* I know...

  4. Yah, I'm not a sport's fan either. I avoid the olympics as if it were the plague.

    I never heard of the 888-boom thing as well, but than again I rarely watch tv or read news articles online or the newspaper.

  5. @ |bernadette|: I don't think the "8/8/08... Boom" thing ever made the news. I don't think enough people were stupid enough to do it in real life.


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