Friday, August 15, 2008

«Spore Officially Complete, Gone Gold»

Spore is gold... prepare for the onslaught

Come September 7th, this will be me:

Spore, on Septermber 7th.
(Ok, that's not me... But you get the idea.)

I edited that picture a little. It was a "gluttony" motivational poster with a slightly raciest caption. Also, the spore box was bag of potato chips. Anyway, I can take credit for this rendition.


  1. LOL... that's funny.

    You are really excited about this huh?

  2. I've been waiting since I first heard about the game about 2 years ago.

    I've loved about every game Will Wright has created, I've sure played enough of them. So yes, excited might be the correct word.


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