Tuesday, August 26, 2008

«Blog Supplements Moved Over»

I've got the blog supplements over at their new location. For those of you who didn't read it before or forgot, what I call my "blog supplements" are just the other links in the sidebar, under navigation (the games and such). However, I have not removed the old ones yet. Feel free to update any bookmarks you may have so they reflect the domain change.

For now you'll see the GoDaddy ads at the top of those pages. I haven't updated the hosting yet, so I'm still on the free ad-supported hosting. Also for the time being, the pages do not validate as valid XHTML strict due to the ad code that's tacked on to the end.

I might just end up going with the paid GoDaddy hosting. I already have it set up, after all. Yes, I've read their customer support isn't the best of the industry, but as my dad pointed out, I can probably figure out anything I need to do on my own anyway.

If there are any of you that have been with me from the beginning, way back when my only website was Realm of Marf, I thank you for keeping up with all the domain address changes I've gone through:,, It shouldn't change much from here on out. For once I own my own domain, and I plan to keep it that way. Unlike all the others, is mine alone. The only thing that could change now is if I decide to reorganize my subdomains.


  1. I agree w/ your Dad.

    Most people want it all done for them, where you would probably love the challenge.

  2. Just to sort-of test them, I asked a couple of questions. The responses are a little generic, but adequate.

    So I think I'll go with their hosting...


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