Tuesday, August 5, 2008

«Crappy Blog Post»

This is my crappiest blog post yet... Does a bear crap in the woods? Well, not all the time. This was in the middle of the road.
Bear dung in the road on Gravina Island.
I was off the island for a few hours yesterday. I went over to Gravina Island, where our airport is, and rode my bike on the roads over there. Don't worry, I'll have better pictures ready to post tomorrow. For now, all you get is crap.
Closeup of bear dung in the road on Gravina Island.
Yes, I'm sure you needed to see that. As always, you can click an image to view its full glory.


  1. ^ ?

    "...all you get is crap."

    You have some really nice crap here!

  2. That lotto comment was just spam. I've had it before.

  3. Ha! I see the bear has been eatin' his fibre. [^.^]

    *lol* That reminds me, yesterday whilst sittin' in the sun bein' lazy and all. One of my cats was sittin' under the patio table. When I got up to go back inside to cool down, the cat followed.

    Well, as soon as he stretched two li'l turds suddenly vacated his li'l sphincter. Ploop! Ploop!

    I was surprised as was the cat. He paused, turned around tentatively, sniffed the li'l balls then looked up at me as if to say, "Did those come outta me?"

    I never laughed so hard at that cat so much in his li'l life.

    That's my crappy story for Tuesday. [^.^]

    Do you guys get a lot of bears out in the open where you are? We do here.

  4. Marf- Oh well good, take it out so now I look like the doofus that's pointing up to nothing.

    I see how you are.

    I have a very specific spam on my snow cone post telling me to go make some money on snow cone stuff.

    I was somewhat, mildly, ok not at all impressed that it at least was on topic.

    Bernadette- LMAO at your cat. I can just see him looking at you like "whoa, has that ever happened to you?"

    I would freak the hell out to see a bear just walkin' around.

  5. @ |bernadette|: I liked that story. Cats can be so amusing sometimes.

    Yes, we get bears out in the open around here. Some people also get bears digging into trash cans sometimes. They can't get to our's.

    @ Monique: Well, now you're just pointing up to some crap. Same thing really...

  6. L... this is true


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